WinmaX W1 Brake Pads (Street/Luxury Sport) [FRONT] - 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

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Designed for the purpose of extending the brakes of a street driven automobile, the Winmax W1 effectively raises the capacity of the brakes.

Both the effectiveness, control, and brake pad life is extended, without sacrificing brake rotor life, durability.Despite the higher capacity these brake pads afford, Winmax W1 does it with less dust, and no noise associated with other performance pads.

Ideal for performance luxury sedans and wagons, street driven custom cars, sports cars, and trucks.

The W1's non-steel material brake pads are a perfect upgrade from factory for the drivers that needs increased stopping power. Using an effective brake pad compound, the W1 works instantly from ambient temperatures and provides long lasting pad life and rotor wear.

Versus the W1, the W2 has a slightly higher temperature range and coefficient of friction for increased braking power. This is a performance brake pad designed for those that enjoy sporty driving without the harsh characteristics and high wear associated with a typical full racing brake pad.

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