VOLTEX Racing Type 5 (1600mm/1700mm) GT Wing



All Type 5 Wings now include Application Specific Special Mount unless otherwise requested.

Voltex created the Type 5 wing especially for vehicles that have a square shaped rear end such as the EVO and GTR R34, but can also work well with widebody cars such as the 350Z, although it has a rounded trunk. The concept is based on having down force and weight distribution when driving at high speeds. This wing is the preferred type for the Mitsubishi EVO for circuit and time attack racing.

The wing comes ready to install with standard mounts and 275mm bracket stands.

** NOTE: Wing shown with Voltex 30mm risers.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If you have any questions about Voltex GT Wings, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to make recommendations based on your car and type of race usage.

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