Verus Engineering P10 Rear Wing - 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

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Verus Engineering started the rear wing design with a clean slate approach, utilizing our own airfoil profile created using ANSYS' adjoint solver.  As a result, we were able to create a wing that is highly efficient while generating significant downforce appropriate for the typical track day goer and street enthusiast.  We took the design a step further by designing it to bolt directly to the factory uprights exactly as the OE element does.  The carbon wing also reduces 2 lbs of weight when compared to the factory component.

The wing and aero kit was set up and put through our typical R&D process of CFD validation and optimization while on the car.  All CAD was done off OEM scans of the vehicle for unparalleled fit and finish of the airfoil profile.


  • Optimized Airfoil Using ANSYS Adjoint Solver
  • Improved Efficiency (L/D)
  • Reduced Drag
  • Increased Downforce
  • Bolts to OEM Uprights
  • 2 lb reduction in weight compared to OE unit


  • Carbon Rear Wing Element Assembly
  • (2x) Carbon Rear Wing Fastener Cover 
  • Hardware Kit to ensure all parts necessary for smooth installation

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