Varis Arising-1 Carbon+ Side Diffuser - 2023+ Nissan 400Z (RZ34)

Varis Japan SKU: VANI-353



The Varis ARISING-1 Carbon Fiber Side Diffuser can give the Nissan Z an aerodynamic upgrade that is both sporty and aggressive. Made of lightweight yet strong carbon fiber, this side diffuser will reduce drag while increasing downforce which gives you maximum control on the road. As well as its improved performance benefits it also has a stylish design with glossy finish to make sure your car looks as great as it drives.

Constructing Varis' Carbon+ fiber, a robust and lightweight material which is oftentimes utilized in crafting their top-tier output, it serves to decrease mass while enhancing resilience and stiffness without altering the overall amount.

This remarkable product is perfect for the Nissan Z - made with high quality carbon+ fiber material, it increases downforce and at the same time provides incredible strength in a remarkably lightweight package. The design allows just enough air to pass underneath your car which produces great cooling effects no matter where you drive.

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