Varis Arising-1 Carbon Rear Diffuser - 2023+ Nissan 400Z (RZ34)

Varis Japan SKU: VANI-357



If you are looking to add an aggressive and sporty look to your brand new Z, the Varis ARISING-1 Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler should be your only option. Lightweight yet strong, this spoiler is made from top quality carbon fiber which promises long lasting use. Moreover it helps in lowering drag as well as enhance downforce for a more exhilarating ride experience. Installation of this sleekly finished product is quite easy too making it most ideal upgrade for any car lover.

Varis' Carbon+ is a strong yet lightweight material that has been incorporated into their high-performance products. It offers the advantage of reduced weight and increased stiffness, all while preserving its given volume. Additionally, there are optional vertical fins available for an extra boost in aggressive aesthetics to your car.

The Varis ARISING-1 Carbon+ Fiber Rear Spoiler for the new 'Nissan Z' is revolutionary. It offers users an upgrade in performance and style, featuring increased downforce at incredibly low weights due to its high quality carbon fiber material. This spoiler provides remarkable strength while remaining lightweight enough that it won't increase your car's weight substantially when you install it which makes this product as close to perfect as possible.

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