Varis 1580mm Widebody Swan Neck Carbon GT Wing - 2022+ Subaru BRZ/Toyota GR86 (ZD8/ZN8)

Varis Japan SKU: VATO-163



The Varis Carbon Fiber GT-Wing for the GR86 is made with lightweight, yet strong carbon fiber to help optimize your vehicle's style and performance. This aerodynamically designed racing accessory acts as a downforce enhancer, aiding in reducing drag while increasing handling stability and traction during extreme conditions. With its sleek design that stands out from other wings on the track - this piece of equipment is ideal addition for any enthusiast looking take their ride to greater heights.

Designed to provide enhanced downforce and optimum weight balance for the GR86. Crafted using high quality carbon fiber material, this wing measures 1580mm in width with swan neck uprights that gives it a modern appearance while being remarkably lightweight yet incredibly strong. This heavy duty component increases stability at higher speeds without compromising performance due to its advanced aerodynamic design offering increased airflow over other wings of similar size making it perfect for automotive enthusiasts who demand extreme speed but also optimal safety when handling their vehicles.

Carbon+ adopts carbon vacuum molding on the surface to achieve both light weight and high rigidity, and the appearance is similar to dry carbon. Back bone inner rib is made of FRP.

Varis is world-renowned for high quality and innovative racing-derived aerodynamics parts, body kits, and carbon fiber parts. With over 40 years of experience in composites, Varis brings an unrivaled dedication and artistry to their craft. Varis parts are engineered and hand made in house by craftsmen.

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