TEIN RX1 Coilovers - 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8/FL5)




Note: Error Canceller Units Included.

A direct evolution of the Flex Z range, the Tein RX-1 coilovers have been developed to combine both comfort and performance for sporty drivers. Fully designed and made in Japan, they offer unrivaled value for money.

Thanks to their oil and gas twin-tube design and internal hydraulic bump stoppers, RX-1 coilovers offer excellent comfort at low speeds on rough roads, whilst providing outstanding performance and accuracy in fast driving - on road and circuit. The ride height and spring preload are adjustable separately, giving full damper stroke at any height. A new oil formulation is used for RX-1, giving stable performance at all temperatures. Damping is adjustable via 16 stages.

The RX-1 range features camber adjustable front upper mounts. They stands out from the competition by also offering camber adjustment on the lower brackets, thanks to eccentric shims (see photos). This double adjustment (top mounts + lower bracket) offers a greater camber adjustment range than the competition.

Tein RX-1 coilovers are also equipped with hydraulic bump stoppers (« HBS »). This system offers unequaled performance by absorbing rebounds due to poor road quality (potholes, speed bumps, etc.). In fact, conventional mechanical bump stoppers, usually made of polyurethane, compress during impacts and release energy upwards, generating unpleasant rebounds and greatly degrading steering and grip. On the contrary, the hydraulic bump stoppers absorb the compressions and dissipate energy into the shock absorber, thus avoiding all parasitic reactions. This high-end feature makes the Tein RX-1 coilovers perfectly suited for versatile and sporty use on the road and on the track.

Using Japanese manufacturing, Tein products enjoy a long lifetime and protection against corrosion, dust and temperature change. They also come with a 1 year warranty. Tein RX-1 coilovers use a sealed damper from the factory. Replacements are possible using a complete damper unit, which are low cost and quick to replace.

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