Spoon Sports Dry Carbon Hood Vent - 2023+ Honda Civic Type R (FL5)

Spoon Sports SKU: 74160-FL5-000




  • Dry carbon 260g (STD 480g)
  • Clear painting recommended

Made to maximize the opening area with the louver. The front part of the duct is raised to direct the air flowing through the bonnet upwards, creating a structure that pulls heat out of the engine compartment. Spoon extended the rear of the duct toward the engine room, creating a shape that allows heat to be dissipated more smoothly. Improved cooling performance with the bonnet vent allows you to enjoy sports driving with peace of mind.

Made of dry carbon, leaving the genuine rain guard on the back of the hood prevents rainwater from entering the engine compartment.

Cooling performance can be further improved by removing the rain guard during sports driving.

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