Spoon Sports Driveshaft Set - 2023+ Honda Civic Type R (FL5)



The drive shaft is the cornerstone of power transmission. The reason we work on driveshafts is that they provide a smoother ride while improving durability. The drive shaft of a front-wheel drive vehicle needs to transmit torque while giving a large angle to turn while transmitting the driving force to the wheels. As a result, the joints were subjected to a very large load, which often caused problems during races. One of the countermeasures for troubles in the race is the mirror surface processing of the joint part.

The surface of the metal before processing is covered with small scratches, and if these small scratches continue to receive driving torque, stress concentration will occur, cracks will occur, and damage and seizure will occur. By removing burrs from each part and polishing it, the origin of cracks is eliminated and damage is prevented. In addition, the grease used for the joints can withstand high-load driving such as circuit driving by using grease with high heat resistance and extreme pressure. A drive shaft that improves durability and moves smoothly with little resistance is the key to creating a pleasant car.

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