Spoon Sports Carbon Fiber Crane Neck GT Wing - 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

Spoon Sports SKU: 84112-FK8-000



The stay shape adopts the design of SPOON's symbol "CRANE" as a motif, and it has a swan-neck shape that brings the optimum aerodynamic effect to high power vehicles.

The principle that causes the down force of the GT wing is mainly due to the pressure difference caused by the flow velocity difference between the upper and lower sides of the wing. A strong downforce is generated by slowing the upper flow velocity and making the lower flow velocity faster, but the swan neck shape that suspends the wing from the top makes sense.

In addition, by repeating tests on the circuit and optimizing the strength of the wing stays, we succeeded in reducing the drag by automatically deflecting the attack angle of the wing at the straight end.

Carbon is used for the wing, body mount, and wing end plate parts, and the angle can be adjusted in 5 steps.

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