Spoon Sports Aero Rear Bumper - 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

Spoon Sports SKU: 71501-FK8-010



Fits all FK8 Civic Type R models.
Made in Japan
Material: FRP/CFRP

The front bumper inherits the clean and sharp styling of past CIVICs, yet still retains the dynamic looks of the stock FK8 front facia.

While styling is important, performance is what makes Spoon products standout. The front grille is designed to achieve aerodynamic performance and to efficiently take in air, helping to keep coolant temperatures down for sports driving. As many of Spoon's customers race their vehicles on track, air ducts for brake cooling and space for oil coolers has been incorporated to the bumper design.

Two bumper types are available. All FRP or with a Carbon Fiber Lip Section. These use different material of bottom section for each, but which are same form.

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