RS-R Best*I Active Coilovers - 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8)




Coilovers made for the active suspension of the Civic Type R. Now the dampening and control systems still function, while providing you with a comfortable ride and performance. 24-way damper force adjustable on the Best*i Active

Part#: XBIH059MA
Compatibility: 2018+ Honda Civic Type R
Chassis code: FK8

Preset Approximate Height From RS-R:
Front -25mm to -30mm (-1.0in to -1.2in)
Rear -30mm to -35mm (-1.2in to -1.4in)

Maximum Adjustment Ranges:
Front +5mm to -55mm (-0.2in to -2.2in)
Rear -15mm to-55mm (-0.6in to -2.2in)

Recommended Adjustments for Optimal Ride-ability:
Front -10mm to -50mm (-0.4in to -2.0in)
Rear -15mm to -55mm (-0.6in to -2.2in)

Spring Rates:
Front 8.00kg/mm
Rear 6.00kg/mm

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