PRL Motorsports Stage 1 Intake System - 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8)




No Tuning Required! We saw increased spool, 5 -8 hp and ~5 ft/lb tq gains throughout the entire powerband! 3D scanning and silicone technology has allowed us to offer a stock replacement intake hose that is better looking, more durable and out performs the corrugated OEM intake hose. Our silicone intake hose is constructed of the same high quality 4-ply silicone as the rest of our couplers and features a perfectly smooth-finish transition for optimal air flow. The pleats found in the OEM hose disrupts air flow, which limits power potential and throttle response. Why use a PRL Motorsports air filter? Our oiled filters are constructed from high quality, double layer cotton to increase the filtration surface by 10% - 15%. This causes air to move freely while maintaining superior filtration, trapping particles as small as 5 microns! The cotton filter is encased by coated steel mesh to ensure your PRL Motorsports air filter withstands the toughest of conditions! Each filter is hand-molded using a flexible rubber base to ensure an airtight seal and absorb vibration. These filters do not use pressure-molding like other manufacturers, which can cause the rubber to seep into the filter element blocking airflow by up to 25%! Our air filters utilize a precision four-step process to virtually eliminate rubber seepage and maximize airflow! Kits Include: (1) 4-ply Silicone Hose (4) Stainless Hose Clamps (1) Billet Evap Flange (1) High Flow Drop-In Air Filter

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