PRL Motorsports Short Ram Air Intake System - 2017+ Honda Civic NON-SI 1.5T

PRL Motorsports SKU: PRL-HC10-INT-SRI-A



If we could recommend an intake system for the 1.5L Turbo Civic Platform it would our Cobra Cold Air Intake System. However, for customers that do not wish to run a CAI, our Short Ram Intake System is also an option. Our CNC machined billet aluminum MAF Housing was designed to provide *factory-spec fuel trims (-4% of factory STFT & LTFT) for optimal drivability and performance. This SRI utilizes a 4" air filter and is available with two different MAF housing choices; a Street housing and a Race housing. Both housings utilizes the factory MAF sensor, but feature two different diameters and profiles. As mentioned above, the Street housing is designed to provide factory-spec fuel trims WITHOUT any tuning whatsoever. The Race housing allows a 50% larger volume of air in comparison to the Street housing, which is why a tune IS required. This larger volume of airflow reduces pumping loss and creates an unrestricted air path to feed the MAF housing with ambient temperature air.

Performance Gains:

  • 15 horsepower and 12 ft/lb torque gains in comparison to stock with Street MAF housing WITHOUT TUNE
  • 20 horsepower and 15 ft/lb torque gains in comparison to stock with Race MAF housing WITH Race MAF basemap calibration on Hondata and/or KTuner
  • Larger gains to be seen at higher power levels with custom tuning

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