Perrin Oil Cooler Kit - 2015-2021 Subaru WRX/STI (VA)

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This product fits the following applications:
• 2002-2005 Subaru WRX
• 2004-2015+ Subaru WRX/STI

In racing conditions engine oil temperature skyrockets. This causes decreased engine performance and reduces the oil's ability to properly lubricate. A well designed engine oil cooling system like the PERRIN Oil Cooler Kit will help keep temperatures within the desired temperature range, thus maintaining performance and prolonging engine life.

Each PERRIN oil cooler uses a Setrab core which maximizes heat dissipation without pressure build-up. Oil-ways are interspaced with airway corrugations providing optimum heat transfer, while the oil passages use "turbulators" to break down boundary layer effects in the oil flow.

Setrab Oil Coolers employ an in-line turbulator to gently stir the fluid being cooled, thereby ensuring that the fluid has exposure to the entire internal surface area of the oil cooler with the least pressure lost. The turbulators are fully brazed to the entire internal length of the tube resulting in zero heat transfer barrier and high strength.

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