Legacy Racing "LGC Legacy Racing" 7" Sticker - White / Black

Color: White


Everybody has their own story. Nobody's stories are EXACTLY the same. Each individual is unique in this way, and with this uniqueness it is up to them to mold their story into what can be made into a Legacy. With passion, ambition, and devotion, anyone can achieve greatness and have their story be known.

Legacy Racing embodies on the ideology of an individual creating a Legacy for not only themselves to look back on, but also for others around them to become inspired to achieve greatness and create their own stories.

For us, we believe in every individual to aspire and build their visions into a reality. The most unique, the most detailed, the most characteristic, the most iconic stories are yet to be told to amaze not only current generations, but future generations as well. Let your story be known, and let your Legacy be created.

Legacy Racing: Yours Begins Today

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