J's Racing Type-S Front Bumper Optional Carbon Fiber Side Wings - 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

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Optional Side Wing Set for J's Racing TYPE-S front spoiler (Sold Separately).

By catching the air escaping to the side with the side wing, a larger rectifying effect is created.

In addition, high downforce and high traction can be achieved by installing it on high-powered machines and circuit attack vehicles at the same time as the separately sold Twin Canard.

Note: This carbon uses vacuum infusion molding. Achieves beautiful carbon with even resin compared to the conventional manufacturing method by vacuum forming. In addition, it has both strength and lightness, and the surface has a matte finish like dry carbon. * The photographed image is glossy because it is UV-cut clear painted. It is necessary to drill holes in the bumper and spoiler.

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