J's Racing Type 1 Carbon 3D GT Wing (WET CFRP) - 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

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Wing construction: Single type (single blade)
Wing width: 1,600mm
Wing height: 195mm
Wing attachment: Dedicated trunk base stand & bracket
Wing material: Wing-Twill weave wet carbon Bracket - dry carbon
Wing weight 3.5kg (7.7 pound)
Single 3D GT wing

With 15 stages (5x3) adjustable angle and height, it offers a wide latitude in setting.

The main concept for the design with single flap is to produce effecitve downforce in middle to high speed with a consideration of the reduction of the airflow drag. It works great in a high speed race track like Susuka or Fuji Speedway.

Note: We recommend the UV cut clear coating to prevent a damage from the ultraviolet rays for the customers who frequently park the car outside.

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