J's Racing Low Temp Thermostat - 2023+ Honda Civic Type R (FL5)

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Operating temperature: 65°C (original 78°C)
Fully open temperature: 75°C (original 90°C)

In Honda cars with high-power engines, water temperature and engine power are closely related, and when the water temperature rises, the ECU increases the amount of fuel and adjusts the ignition timing. Measures to avoid a crisis such as retardation (correction MAP) are taken, and a sudden power down begins.

This product sets the valve opening temperature (temperature at which the main valve (sluice) begins to open) lower than a normal thermostat, and circulates the cooling water to the radiator early to keep the water temperature at the ideal 75 degrees or higher. It is now possible to set the temperature around 85 degrees, suppressing and preventing power down, heat sag, and knocking, and making it possible to bring out the original engine power. It can be installed completely bolt-on from normal radiators to racing cars such as Super Taikyu vehicles . Required parts for high-power HONDA vehicles regardless of the stage

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