J's Racing Hyper Intercooler - 2023+ Honda Civic Type R (FL5)

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  • The power graph in the image was measured with an intercooler and FL5 HYPER-ECU option for intercooler (JS-N-L5-ICR).
  • A stencil plate with the J's Racing logo is included. If you would like the J's Racing logo on the front, please spray paint using a stencil plate.
  • Two intercooler gaskets are included.
  • Intercooler Core Size: H 700mm x W 172mm x T 100mm

A must-have item for FL5 users! High-performance intercooler is finally here!

The performance of the original FL5 intercooler cannot keep up with the amount of heat generated, so even in full normal conditions, the intake air temperature reaches 50-60 degrees C in the high rotation range of 6000 RPM or higher. (At an outside temperature of approximately 25 degrees C as the main cause).

  • Due to the high output of the turbo, the amount of heat generated by the turbine etc. is extremely large.
  • Insufficient capacity of the cooler core and problems with the fins.
  • Difficulty in airflow when driving.
  • Difficult flow of heat in the piping and intercooler

In addition to engine cooling measures such as the thermostat, sports coolant, and aero parts, increasing the intercooler capacity = increasing the heat exchange rate and improving the turbine flow speed will result in stable output in the high rotation range and a significant increase in output. It has become possible to realize this.

J's Racing started joint development with DRL (Daiwa Radiator Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) to develop intercoolers. In addition to the output test using Dynapack, they also conducted actual driving tests on circuits and streets, and adjusted the fitting, resulting in a product that can be replaced with a genuine product without any major modification.

As a result, they have achieved a cooling effect of approximately 5 degrees C or more at the minimum intake air temperature and approximately 15 degrees C or more at the maximum intake air temperature under full normal conditions!

In addition, by making it lightweight, they minimize the impact on overall driving performance by avoiding as much weight as possible in the front overhang, where the intercooler is mounted.

Compatible with genuine turbines as well as big turbine kit replacement cars.

Detailed Interior Design To Support Instant Acceleration
Optimum heat exchange for this reason, even the inside has been carefully designed. The complex structure with fins built into the tube, rather than the typical multi-hole structure, is the reult of DRL's (Daiwa Radiator Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) advanced technological capabilities. Reduces unnecessary air resistance and draws in smooth air flow.

Rectangular Fin With Increased Core Structure And Strength
The outer fin and the tube containing the inner fin are arranged in an optimal balance, and the structure is such that air crosses vertically and passes through them by crossing each other's directions. A new shape derived from various simulations. The outer fin has a highly strong design by folding the edges and creating a double structure on the surface that is exposed to the wind. They have reduced the weight of the fins without making them unnecessarily thick.

Rounded Convex Tube Shape
In order to eliminate unnecessary air resistance and make it easier to attract running wind into the core, running wind is efficiently sucked into the outer fin from a convex tube with rounded corners. In addition, the convex part of the tube has a triple-layer structure made of aluminum material, which reduces fatal damage caused by tire debris and flying stones. Since the intercooler is easily damaged, we have taken measures to maintain high performance.

Uniquely Shaped Plate
The intake side of the header plate is designed with a plump and gentle curve in order to reduce the resistance to the maximum amount of air flowing into the core from the inlet pipe. Minimizes internal pressure loss.

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