J's Racing Front Sports Grill - 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

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J's Racing SKU: AG-K8

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A cure for the heat problem on the FK8 sport driving!! Large intake shape for more cold air.

With this grill, your FK8 will have a better cold air inflow from a bigger and larger design than the stock. In addition, the vortex generator design reduces the air resistance and improves the cooling efficiency of the radiator and the engine bay.

Besides the excellent look, your FK8 performs much better from the lower air temperature. (great for reducing water temperature, oil temperature and intake air temperature)

NOTE: The FK8 on the picture is equipped with emblem base AG-K8-EM and Honda front emblem 75700-TGH-A01 (both are sold separately). Comes unpainted

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