HKS Super Turbo Muffler Cat-Back Exhaust - 2023+ Nissan Z (RZ34)

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High-Dimensional Super Turbo Muffler Debut - The essence of technology that combines Exhaust Efficiency and Sound Pressure Reduction.

D60.5 mm x 2 Full Dual Layout
- While the stock layout has a pipe diameter of D45 mm x 2, this product has a full dual layout with a pipe diameter of D60.5 mm x 2.This allows a pipe cross-sectional area equivalent to D85 mm to be secured while lowering to the minimum ground clearance, which is often seen with high output mufflers. Exhaust pressure is reduced by around 40% compared to the stock model. This layout is designed for both daily use and performance.
Balance of steady-state comfort and sportiness
- The silencer structure has been optimized and a silent chamber has been adopted to eliminate the unpleasant muffled sound in the steady state range. Once you step on the pedal, you can enjoy the sporty sound of the high-power V6 engine.

- Certification No.: JQR60225121
- Main Material: SUS304
- Outer Tail Diameter: D110 mm
- Main Pipe Diameter: D60.5 mm x 2
- Close Noise Level: (Stock) 82 dB (Idle: 57 dB?
- Close Noise Level: (HKS) 85 dB (Idle: 62 dB)
- Exhaust Pipe Minimum Ground Clearance: 123 mm (The Left Sideof #2 Mid Pipe)

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