HKS Racing Suction Intake System w/ AFR - 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

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The HKS Racing Suction Intake System for the Honda Civic Type R contrains Aluminum piping to replace the stock flexible hose and drastically improves intake efficiency.

Note: This product COMES WITH the AFR (Air/Fuel ratio Regulator) to correct sensor readings and prevents CEL!

- Improving the suction efficiency by changing the genuine flexible rubber hose to aluminum piping.
- In the in-house flow bench test, the suction resistance has been reduced compared to a pure intake system.
- The heat insulator in the vehicle model suppresses the influence of heat in the engine bay.
- Gives vehicle a distinctive sporty intake sound.
- AFR (Air/Fuel ratio Regulator) corrects sensor readings and prevents CEL

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