HKS Legamax Exhaust - 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8/FL5)

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HKS Legamax Premium Exhaust Specs for 2017-2021 (FK8):

  • Main Piping Diamter: 75mm to 60mm x 2
  • Tip Outer Diameter: Dual 97mm
  • HKS Sound Rating: 88dB (@Idling: 67dB) compared to OEM Exhaust Sound Rating: 82dB (@Idling: 58dB)

HKS Legamax Sports Exhaust Specs for 2023+ (FL5):

  • Shape of muffler: Ti (Titan) (LEGAMAX Sports)
  • Main material: S3 / S4L
  • Diameter of tip: 119
  • Diameter of center pipe: 74.7 > 60.5 x 2 (*1)
  • Close noise level: HKS: Approximately 93dB (Idle: 73dB)
  • Road clearance: 125mm from Factory front under panel
  • Product Weight: 18.5kg

Revolutionary Exhaust System Unleashes Peak Performance While Slashing Pressure

Turbocharge Your Ride

  • Unlock -30% Exhaust Pressure with Sleek 75mm Full Straight Design and 119mm Titanium Tail with HKS logo.
  • The exhaust pressure is 30% lower compared to stock, and the exhaust efficiency is increased. Therefore, by using the Power Editor and tune the ECU, you can expect even more power enhancement.
  • By eliminating the valves, the space originally occupied by stock valves is effectively utilized. We have also adopted an enlarged pipe diameter and a straight structure, achieving a 30% reduction in exhaust pressure compared to stock
  • The stock exhaust features a valve mechanism, but this product is valveless. Concerns about error code occurrence due to the valveless design can be avoided by using the included actuator. The included actuator replicates the mechanism of the stock valve. By installing the stock motor, it moves in the same way as the stock valve, preventing error codes from being triggered.

Rev Up the Thrill

  • Enjoy a Crystal-Clear Sporty Sound Experience with Innovative Valveless Design and Cabin Comfort.

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