HKS Hipermax IV GT-20SPEC Coilovers - 2013+ Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86

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The HKS Hipermax MAX IV GT 20SPEC Coilovers is designed to be a well balanced street suspension with great handling, now updated with latest technologies.

Technical Info:
Spring Rate: Front 5 / Rear 5 (kg/mm)
Spring Length: Front 170 / Rear 170 (mm)
Height: Front -17 / Rear -16 (mm)
Upper Mount: Pillow-ball / Rubber
Dampening is adjustable 30 Steps Front and Rear

Concept and Features:
New GT20SPEC is a significant improvement over the existing product. The old GT was already doing a great job lowing down a vehicle and improving handling over the stock suspension. With revised spring rate and damping force and use of new developments GT20SPEC preserves comfortability while further improving handling and drivability. New suspension is not simply more comfortable, it allows to make adjustment to weight transfer and provides good control over the vehicle. It is an ultimate street suspension, making daily driving exciting, sporty and comfortable.

Preload Valve System:
Multiple valve shims of differing size and thickness are stacked around the piston which generates a resistance which becomes dampening force. PVS applies a preload to the valve shims allowing more accurate control of dampening especially at slower piston speeds As used in MAX 4 series, M4P is able to balance dampening force generation at low piston speeds whilst maintain control at high speed

Inverted Single Tube:
Inverted Single Tube with big diameter greatly improves rigidity and provide a direct steering feeling.

Spring Insulator:
Rubber seat on the tob and bottom of the spring, helps to improve spring movement while preventing sound and reducing friction during spring expansion. A suspension was revised for easier height and preload adjustment.

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