HKS Carbon Suction Kit - 2022+ Subaru BRZ/Toyota GR86 (ZD8/ZN8)

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HKS SKU: 70026-AT011

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Note: Works with OEM airbox or HKS Cold Air Intake Box. Kit includes intake pipe & silicone elbow hose.

Intake pipe with a beautiful surface made of 3K twill weave carbon prepreg. The material is 3K* twill carbon prepreg* on the surface and UD* prepreg on the inside using a hot press manufacturing method. A silicone bag is used inside the pipe, and the hardening process is performed at high pressure and high temperature. This achieves high strength in addition to the smooth inner surface of the pipe. Allows air to flow smoothly while maintaining sufficient strength.

Intake efficiency is improved by the smooth inner surface of the pipe

Silicone elbow hose that is resistant to high temperatures in the engine room and suppresses deformation due to negative pressure. The material used is silicon, which has sufficient resistance to the high temperatures of the engine room. The smooth inner surface reduces the occurrence of inhalation resistance. In addition, the core wire is placed in the center to suppress deformation due to negative pressure and improve reliability

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