Fujitsubo Authorize RM+C Titanium Exhaust - 2023+ Honda Civic Type R (FL5)

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Exhaust Material: Titanium
Tailtip Style: 118mm round slash Carbon Fiber
Pipe Diameter: 70.0mm-60.5mm

  OEM Fujitsubo
Intermediate Acceleration 3.50 Seconds 3.40 Seconds
Maximum Output Peak Power 214kw (291.0ps) - 6144rpm 218kw (296.5ps) - 6465rpm
Maximum Torque Peak Torque OEM: 418.5Nm (42.7kgm) - 3215rpm Fujitsubo 420.4Nm (42.9kgm) - 3565rpm
Muffler Weight 18.3 kg 12.9 kg
Idling Exhaust Noise 65dB 71dB
Proximity Exhaust Noise 83dB 89dB
2000RPM Exhaust Noise 70dB 81dB
3000RPM Exhaust Noise 76dB 78dB
1000-3000RPM Exhaust Noise 86dB 91dB


Note: When using this product, the genuine exhaust electronic control valve cannot be used. Genuine exhaust valve canceller is included.

A model that pursues exhaust efficiency and focuses on improving power and torque in the medium to high rotation range and reducing weight.

A high performance part that achieves a 30% weight reduction by using full titanium and further enhances the Type R characteristics.


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