Fortune Auto Dreadnought Pro-3 Coilovers - 2000-2009 Honda S2000 (AP1/AP2)

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Fortune Auto's new remote canister system has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Previous generations of the Dreadnought series made more high speed compression adjustments with little low speed compression adjustments. Fortune Auto engineers have improved damping control and adjustment by eliminating the older needle adjuster and now incorporate a digressive floating piston (base valve) that has its own independent shim stack and jetting mechanism inside the remote canister. These features provide for a very wide range of adjustment in low speed and high speed compression. The new canister is also larger in size, allowing for greater shock fluid and nitrogen capacity. The increased fluid capacity allows for more consistent operation over a wide range of temperatures. The increased nitrogen capacity coupled with our new floating piston design allows for two major improvements. First, the remote canister can now run much lower nitrogen pressures, allowing for a more compliant ride and ability to handle larger curb impact events at the race track without upsetting the balance of the car. Second, the extra gas volume helps prevent pressure buildup during large shock stroke events. When compared to conventionally designed shocks, the increase in gas volume and the subsequent decrease of pressure in our Dreadnought PRO dampers delivers a more consistent performance over the service life of our shock absorbers.

The new Ultra Double Digressive Piston (UDDP) with revised shim stacks, a unique feature on our Dreadnought PRO dampers, allows for tremendous amounts of low speed force that helps with driver inputs such as dive, pitch, and roll. Furthermore, the damper force greatly tapers off to provide the driver with an internal blow off effect which helps with large impacts on track, keeping the vehicle stable after hitting curbing at high speeds. After countless hours on the shock dyno and testing on the track, we are proud to offer high performance coilovers that rival many high-end European shocks

When the Fortune Auto engineers designed Dreadnought PRO dampers, they made it a priority to revise the jetting for more accurate damper control. The engineers also increased the adjustment range. Every click in the adjustment range now has a very profound effect on damping force, and each click is very audible and distinct. The new clicker on the remote canister has also been completely reworked. We responded to our clients' comments regarding the lack of audible distinction in the clicking mechanism. Furthermore, Dreadnought PRO dampers are height-adjustable independent of pre-load. This allows for a large range of height adjustment while retaining suspension stroke. Pre-load is also adjustable allowing one to tension the springs to further tune the suspension.

The new Generation 5 Internal Floating Piston is considerably lighter and uses a low-drag teflon band that drastically reduces stiction. This allows the damper to react quicker to shock forces.

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