Eventuri Black Carbon Intake - 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8)



The intake system is a sealed airbox which uses the stock inlet for the airflow - however we have removed the sudden 90 degrees turn from the stock duct and now the inlet air goes directly into the airbox. The high flow filter we use is then mounted to a Venturi tube which is independent of the airbox - this tube smoothly tapers down to the stock inlet tubing before the turbo. No sudden turns, steps or changes in geometry to ensure laminar flow. 

First test of Eventuri Prototype FK8 intake system in 3D printed form made 23hp with 37ftlb torque! Importantly the gain is across most of the rpm range not just at peak - so on the road this will feel significant! Eventuri system is a sealed airbox which uses the stock entry duct but de-restricts the ambient flow path to saturate the filter which is connected to a separate Venturi tube with integrated MAF sensor mount. All parts will be prepreg carbon fibre in production.

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