ENDLESS Swivel Steel Brake Lines (Front) - 2000-2009 Honda S2000

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Endless brake lines are unsurpassed in production quality and performance. Working perfectly in conjunction with Endless brake pads and Endless The TRUTH DOT 4 or The TRUTH Racing brake fluids, Endless has created the perfect Endless braking system in its entirety with a balance in performance, quality, and aesthetics. The fitment portion of the Endless Swivel Steel Brake Line includes an original swivel mechanism that allows for spinning to reduce tangling and decrease chances of breakage. This swivel mechanism can also be securely locked into place as well. Brake hose material is made out of a teflon tubing covered with SUS 304 stainless steel finely knit meshed blades. Additional black clear coating finish for protection against mud, gravel, cracking, and debris. Suitable for all seasons. Match and fitment test performed on each vehicle application to determine optimal hose layout for easy to use, correct installation. Produced only for specific vehicles.

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