Cusco Type-OS Rear Strut Tower Bar - 2013+ Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86

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The most popular of the Cusco bars is the Type OS. The classic design features a tubular aluminum oval shaft with a high polish finish. The end plates are painted the traditional Cusco blue and come with all the required hardware for installation. Bolts on in minutes using normal hand tools.

Upgrading the suspension system of a vehicle is often overlooked by driving enthusiasts. A better performing suspension system can greatly improve your driving experience both on the street and the track. A well tuned suspension gives you better handling, even tire wear, longer tread life, and a comfortable ride. It also makes your car more fun to drive by increasing your vehicles responsiveness. Increasing Chassis stiffness is crucial to improving vehicle handling. The Cusco strut tower brace bolts to the top of the shock towers, connecting them and reducing chassis flex.

Any unwanted compliance in the chassis or other suspension components prevents the suspension system from performing to its full potential. It also makes steering feel vague and loose. Unlike some chassis stiffening methods that require welding or custom fabrication, this Cusco Type OS unit is a simple bolt on piece made to fit the BRZ & FR-S without modification.

- Bolt on installation
- Increases chassis stiffness
- Improves handling

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