Cusco Transmission and Rear Differential Collar - 2013+ Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86

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Keep oil temperatures low to maintain optimal driveline performance! Today's high performance automobiles require further care and tolerance against heat. Hot oil temps increase the risk of gear damage and seizure.

The Cusco Transmission & Rear Differential Oil Cooler Kit were developed to promote healthy and efficient gear life as well as preventing oil dissipation from extreme heat. This product is a must have for those who are running increased power output than factory, such as track days and racing situations.

The filtering unit features a magnetized internal section where harmful metal debris is collected and deposited for disposal.

Core : 9 Row Core
Dimension : 287 x 68 x 51 MM
Oil Pump Weight : 1.5 KG
Oil Pump Size : 63 x 145 MM
Oil Filter Size : 38 x 95 MM

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