BLITZ Front Strut Bar - 2013+ Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/Toyota GR86/GT86



• A strut tower bar that is lightweight and highly rigid by using a hollow aluminum shaft with a width of 50mm and a thickness of 8mm.
• Improves vehicle movement performance by suppressing the distortion of the body during cornering and braking and maximizing the suspension performance.
• The shaft part has a black special coating after blasting, so it is more resistant to scratches than normal black and has a high texture.
A 50mm wide shaft gives off its presence in the engine room.
• The shaft center part is laser engraved with the BLITZ logo, creating durability and high texture.
• The bracket part has been designed with a special model for each vehicle that incorporates BLITZ know-how to achieve high strength.
In addition, the red metallic paint contributes not only to strength but also to dressing up the engine room.

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